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geh he he he [14 Aug 2006|08:53pm]
[ mood | blah ]


I have a tail and head but no body. And no, Im not a snake.
What am I?

I have a million ears, but do not hear. I have a million hands, but do not feel. I have a million eyes yet I live in total darkness.
What am I?

The Maker dosent want it. The buyer dosent use it. And the user dosen't realize its there.
What is it?

A father and son where driving down the road when they get into a car accident. Two Ambulances come and one takes the father to one hospital and the other takes the son to another hospital. When the son is ready for surgery, The Surgeon says: "I cannot operate on this child, he's my son."
How is that possible?

Before a man died, he wanted to know what the difference was between Heaven and Hell. So and angel granted his wish. He first took him to Hell where he saw a hudge banquet hall, delicious food and circular tables. The only catch was that the people there had to eat with 3 foot long chop sticks. They where angry.
The angel said: "That's enough." And took him to Heaven.
In Heaven he saw a hudge banquet hall, delicious food and circular tables. The only catch was that the people there had to eat with 3 foot long chop sticks. The people where happy.
So, whats the difference?

answers will be in the comments section BUT only when you ask for them. Have fun and enjoy! ^_^

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he he he...i love this strip. sheer evilness... ^_^
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doodilee doodilee do... [02 Aug 2006|07:45pm]
[ mood | eh. ]

where are you?...how are you?...who would you rather be?...how can i help you?...how can you help me?...where have you been?...who do you think you are?...who do you think i am?...where do you want me to go?...who do you want me to be?...how can this be?...where am i?...where are you?

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just a little anime related rant [28 Jun 2006|04:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

my friends dont like anime...Collapse )

love me

as nausea ensues... [27 May 2006|07:53pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Its been awhile since ive been here hasnt it? lesse whats new? Andy came and went. he should be back in the front lines by now. That guy has grown considerably stronger since the last time i saw him so yeah...i guess i oughta train some more. darn you andy! ill bet this is how he feels about this though.

how andy feelsCollapse )

lesse, other stuff. Disney Land was cool. i only wish my camera wouldve worked. Chris was of course scared shitless, but nonetheless he got on on most of the rides there, even splash mountain! but andy's "KAAAANNNN!!!!" ruined it for him (chris didnt show up in the picture except for an ear and an arm). that and the little asian girl behind andy almost looked as she wanted to bite off a pice of his head. good times, good times.

hmm what else...oh yeah. my mom called us while we (myself, rayth023, eyelie, missalice and mn3rd) went to a XXX store. so, knowing me i answered the phone like a dumbass(and yes, i have caller ID.) and i had to come up with a lame ass excuse. heres the gist of the conversation:
mom: hola, hijo donde estats? [Hello son, where are you?"]
otakuzero: oh, you know mom. the store.
mom: Qual tienda? [wich store?]
eyelie from afar saving my ass while checking out the smutt: "tell her SuperA" [or something to that extent"
otakuzero: ...oh you know....a store.
mom:...que vas a comprar? [what are you going to buy?]
otakuzero: oh you know...beer.
and it ended up with us having to cut our trip short and heading back home. my moms' an excellent negotiator (especially if she catches me in a smutt store) and thankfully for some odd reason both my parents are afraid to use the internet so this'll never leak out *points fingers swearing secrecy to all parties involved*. i dont know why, i guess its just something that they arent into...yes. good times.

well, i hope youve enjoyed my rants and whatnot. theres a whole buch of other stuff to discuss and say but im drowning in my own nausea and noxious gasses...NOT the cause of the nausea mind you...
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chaos as we live and breathe [01 Mar 2006|07:04pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

lets see some major but unerving crap happened over the weekend. I ended up loosing my laptop from LA to SD, so the search is on for another one. (when I get paid) and before you start asking the "how's", "when", "wheres" and "what a dumbass" of it all i have a knacking suspicion that it flew from my trunk and onto the freeway in excess speeds of over 100mph. It was lost on the road not on the street, just to clear things up...*sigh* i miss my baby...

but uh yeah! cheps: where going apt hunting this weekend (let me know if you can, if not then its on my lonesome) and hopefully by next weekend i could start the moving process. by may the 15th i should be good to go. and now onto work!

onward ho!

still more to report, but uh yeah...the scripts are pilling up.


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